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Get involved: Join N3Con’s 2018 team now!

If you went to N3Con 2017 in Hong Kong last month, you probably left feeling educated, energized and with a lot of new friends in the media industry. It takes a lot of work to pull off a conference like that, and we want next year’s to be even better.



The N3Con planning team is getting started early to set the stage for N3Con 2018 in Hong Kong and invites you to be part of the process. Volunteer to help plan the panels and events, fine-tune the website, have fun with social media marketing, edit the magazine, help on-site and more. Then watch it all pay off when hundreds of journalists across the continent at Asia’s most influential media conference.


Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/EePqOTrVCajvw3Hq1


For questions, email aajaasia@gmail.com.


See you in Hong Kong!

AAJA Asia Seoul subchapter organizes ethics panel event for Journalists

Last week Saturday, AAJA-Asia members in Seoul sat with four distinguished media professionals on topics that have become a contested issue during the unfolding of the latest political scandal that toppled the South Korean president – ethics and journalism in South Korea.


The Seoul subchapter of AAJA-Asia jointly organized the event with Korea Exposé (https://koreaexpose.com/), an English-language media that is seeing fast growing fans with its in-depth, nuanced analysis on Korea.


The event was a huge success — a great turnout and most of us stay focused on the discussions that went on for more than two hours on Saturday afternoon without any break. It brought together an unusual mixture of voices across different backgrounds.

We would like to express our very special thanks to the panelists and the moderator for the engaging and nuanced discussions on inner workings of the South Korean and foreign media.


They are;

_the New York Times Seoul bureau chief Choe Sang-hun

_Seoul Shinmun Civil Division Desk Chief Mun So Young

_Inje University Journalism Studies Professor Kim Chang-yong

_Sanghyun Park, Contents Lab Director at Mediati, a Seoul-based media venture investor and incubator

_Moderator: Se-Woong Koo, Managing Editor at Korea Exposé.


We are also thankful for the generous support from Mediati, which offered its event hall and sponsored coffee for all attendants.


Visit Mediati Facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/mediati.kr/) and Korea Exposé, which is one of the media startups invested by Mediati, here (https://www.facebook.com/KoreaExpose/).  


Our special thanks also go to Jun Michael Park who took great pictures of the event and agreed to share them here on the AAJA-Asia blog.

You can see more of Jun’s photos here: https://www.instagram.com/junmichaelpark/

KE2 KE1 KE10 KE9 KE8 KE7 KE6 KE5 KE4 KE3


Haeryun Kang, a managing editor at Korea Exposé and Youkyung Lee, an AAJA-Asia member and a business reporter or the Associated Press, offered translation.  


Se-Woong, Haeryun, Youkyung and Tae-hoon put their heads together since January to find panel speakers, to develop questions and topics and to work out logistical issues. We thank the local media professionals who offered us their precious advice for the panel.


For the AAJA-Asia Seoul team, this was the first event of the year and a good chance to test the new organizational structure that was implemented to divide up the tasks. It was excellent!


Elaine Ramirez deftly created an online reservation form. Gavin Huang created a nice online banner putting his creative skills into use yet another time — Click here to visit the Facebook event page to check out the banner — Ethics and Journalism in South Korea:Views In and Outside Newsrooms


Social media team Kianna Mckenzie and Nayoung Kang created an event page on Facebook, kept all of us on the same page with excellent communication skills and handled all the inquiries from social media.


Carina Lee, Seoul treasurer, did a perfect job managing income and expenses while regularly checking the bank account to make sure that we are not overbooked (a few days before the event, we were suddenly swarmed by RSVP requests from everywhere!). She effectively created an income statement and finished all the financial transactions just two days after the event.


Brolley Genster, Tae-hoon Lee, Gavin Huang, Ha-young Choi and Eunice Kim offered their time and hands to set up the venues and handle the registration. This event would not have been successful without any of these members and those who are not mentioned here.  


The panel discussion were off the record.


If you’d like to learn more about what is going on in South Korean media and ethics, we recommend two excellent essays;


_by Se-Woong

https://koreaexpose.com/ethics-south-korean-journalism-fails/ (in English)


_by Ms. Mun So Young, one of our panelists

http://www.journalist.or.kr/news/article.html?no=40860 (in Korean).



Hello, AAJA members


64440451 - a blurry street scene against election text

November seems to be the right time for changes. Changes in Korea’s political and media landscape rocked by mounting corruption allegations. Changes in the Seoul sub-chapter for all good reasons.


As Seoul has grown into the biggest sub-chapter in Asia, we have decided to elect new officers for the term of 2017.


The positions up for election this year are  

Programming Director for Large Events and Tea Talks,

Programming Director for Educational Programs and Workshops,

Programming Director for Social Events and Mixers and

At-Large Board Member.


All four of them will serve as board members. The At-Large Board Member will provide support to programming directors and carry out assignments as requested by the board.


For those interested in shaping the future of the AAJA Asia Seoul, please submit this Elective Post Application Form that you can find athttps://goo.gl/forms/qfWvHAWNxw0LiOLi1


We also have openings for non-elective posts including

Translator Coordinator,

Job Search Coordinator,

Fundraising Coordinator,

Social Media Coordinator and



Their term will also be one year starting Jan. 1 2017.


For those interested in one of the positions, please fill in this Non-Elective Post Application Form, which you can find at https://goo.gl/forms/HtubhnJxwrFLYzJs1.


The following is this year’s election schedule

Application deadline: Nov 16

Voting/Post Application Review: Nov. 17 – Nov 30

Announcement of Results: Dec. 3 at Holiday Party/Trivia Bowl


If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask. Together we can make a difference.

Best regards

Taehoon Lee, AAJA Asia’s VP for Seoul.

AAJA Seoul September Mixer

AAJA Seoul has started its mixer event from September and this will be for Journalists to network with other Journalists in Seoul.


The sub-chapter invites all AAJA-ers to come out and have some quality time together. At the event, the group has done some fun facts guessing game for participants to know more about each other.


This opportunity has engaged Journalists to share their interesting stories to the public. The sub-chapter will be having its next event at October 14th. The event will usually start at 7:30 p.m. and going throughout 10pm.

For questions or suggestions on the event, please let us know at aajaasiaseoul@gmail.com .

Volunteer call outs for N3con!

The Seoul Chapter of the Asian American Journalist Association is looking for volunteers of the sixth annual New. Now. Next Media Conference (N3 Con) to be held from May 27th to 29th.

2016 N3CON LOGO FINAL portrait low res


Some 300 journalists across Asia, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing and the United States will participate in the conference, which will be held under the theme of “Journalism in the Mobile Age.”

The venue for the conference will be the Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation on May 27 and D.Camp on May 27-29.


We are looking for candidates for volunteering in N3Con 2016 who are able to:


  • Maintain conference hall/workshop rooms

  • Help with registration before the conference at information desk

  • Interpret/translate/research for an N3 Magazine and promote the event

  • Film workshops and conferences and upload them on the N3 Con website


Candidates with media/journalism background are preferred. A good command of Korean language will be a plus.

Those interested in the volunteer job are required to submit resume/CV and cover letter to brolley@gmail.com or fodknow@gmail.com. The email addresses are available for questions about the volunteer job and the conference in general as well. The DEADLINE is Friday, April 1 at 3pm. For more information, check out https://www.facebook.com/events/1696574177270235/

Volunteers will be invited to a VIP reception to be held on May 27 at Bloomberg Korea. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to network with journalists from international news organizations such as the Associated Press, The New Your Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, among others. They come from print, broadcast, radio and new media.

Volunteers will have a free access to the event and enjoy the chance for “Resume Doctor” by veteran journalists.

The N3Con Volunteer group will be run on a shift basis, meaning volunteers themselves are able to attend conferences.


Don’t miss the chance to get inspired by not only lectures covering a vast range of aspects related to evolving media industry in digital-first era, but also keynote speeches by highly-coveted guest speakers.


The event will lay a cornerstone for your journalism career.

Website: N3con.com

Ticket sales: n3con.eventrbite.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/n3conference/

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1005870892831338/

*AAJA-Asia Awards ELP Stipend to Sean Lim*

The AAJA-Asia board is happy to announce member Sean Lim has been awarded a $1,200 tuition stipend to attend AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program at City University of New York (CUNY).

Sean is a freelance journalist in Seoul. He works at KBS, where he is an editor for the KBS World News TV division, on-air host for the KBS World Radio English division and editor for the KBS International Relations department. He has also served as AAJA-Asia Treasurer and Seoul VP.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.11.33 AM

AAJA Hiking with Pulitzer Prize Winning NYT Reporter Choe Sang-hun

AAJA Seoul invites its members and friends to hiking with Choe Sang-hun, The New York Times’s Seoul bureau chief and winner of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

We will walk the Seoul City Wall of Bugaksan, mountain surounding the Blue House.

Choe began his journalism career as a political reporter at The Korea Herald, an English-language daily. He joined the Associated Press’ Seoul Bureau in 1994.

While a correspondent there he won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for bringing to light the decades-old No Gun Ri Massacre. He was the first Korean to receive a Pulitzer Prize. He moved to the International New York Times [formerly International Herald Tribune] in 2005.

We will ask a 10,000 won donation for AAJA members and a 20,000 won donation for non-members. We will have a tea talk and lunch with Choe at Newsbacker’s Office in Insadong at 12:30 PM.

We will meet at 9am at Changuimun Gate ( Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 3 → Green bus No. 7212, 1020 or 7022 → Get off the bus off Jahamungogae Ridge → 2 minutes on foot).

You must present a valid ID (such as passport, ARC, driver’s license and ETC). Don’t forget to bring your ID!!!!!

For more information about Bugakan Hiking Trail please check at http://seoulcitywall.seoul.go.kr/front/eng/sub04/sub0401.do or athttp://hikinghubkorea.com/seouls-mountains/bugaksan.html

Farewell Party for Steve Miller & John Power

Good bye, dear friends and AAJA members Steve Miller & John Power!

Steve Miller will leave the country for his new job at VOA in Washington and John Power will also be out of the country for at least a year for his new adventure in Australia. Both will leave Korea at the end of the month.

It will probably be the last chance to catch up with the two great friends.

Chance Dorland, a host of the event, will conduct interviews with the two wonderful journalists. We also plan to have a band as well!!!

Most importantly, beer will be served at 1,000 won for AAJA members, 2,000 won for non-AAJA members (Budwiser and local beer)


**2016 AAJA Seoul’s Tea Talk event **

AAJA Seoul invites its members and journalists to the upcoming tea talk with leukemia victims from Samsung semiconductor plants and Samsung representatives.

The event will take place on January 16 when Samsung is expected to conclude its negotiation with representatives of leukemia victims over a host of thorny issues, including the compensation package, preventive measures and the way of offering an apology over alleged industrial workplace-related illnesses.
It will be a rare opportunity to hear from both leukemia victims and Samsung officials. The guests will include Hwang Sang-ki, who lost his 23-year-old daughter Yumi because of acute leukemia in 2007, Song Chang-ho, head of the Family Committee and a former Samsung factory worker, Dr. Jeong-ok Kong, a representative from Banolim which is a local advocacy group known as SHARPS, and possibly Paik Soo-ha, Samsung Electronics’ chief negotiator and public relations vice president.
Paik will confirm whether or not to attend the tea talk in the next few days. He said Samsung represenatives, including himself, may boycott the event if the majority of attendees are from media outlets known to write biased, anti-Samsung articles.

We expect interesting discussions at the tea talk as Song, head of the Family Committee, appears to be quite satisfied with Samsung’s preventive measures and compensation package thus far, whereas other victims from Banollim are not.

Tea and snacks will be provided. Korean-English interpretation will also be available. $10,000 won for the members of the American Asian Journalists Association, $15,000 for non-members.


For RSVP, please check our facebook event