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Re-cap of “Verify your news in a digital Age” weekend chatter

The following post is written by our AAJA Asia member, Yunita Ong. 
Even as new-age digital tools emerge, the media industry mustn’t forget the value of good old-fashioned breaking news reporting in combating the threat of fake news.
That was a key takeaway at “Verify Your News in a Digital Age,” a panel organized by AAJA-Asia on 28 Oct 2017 held at Google’s APAC office in Singapore. Speakers included Samanthi Dissanayake, Asia Editor of BBC News Online; Timothy Go, host and editor of tech360.tv and Irene Jay Liu, news lab lead at Google APAC.
It was moderated by Mike Raomanachai, a senior reporter at Voice TV, and is the second event in AAJA-Asia’s weekend chatter series. Attendees were also treated to an hour-long Google workshop with tools and techniques about how to verify their news.
Attendees learned that “fake news” can really mean many things, running the gamut from information from those who meant no harm but were misinformed, or those with malicious intent knowingly sharing false information. The issue of trust in the media takes on its unique dimension in Asia because of the lower trust in the media here – Japan tops in the region with just a 43 percent score according to this year’s Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2017 Chat apps here are also a powerful medium through which fake news can spread.
Verification is a lot of work, and most people reading the news may not have the mental bandwidth or may be too busy to process and interrogate what they’ve read. That’s why it’s the job of the journalist to do so – and one rule of thumb is: if it’s too good to be true, maybe it isn’t. It’s human nature to confirm what you already believe in.
Those at the session urged fellow journalists to always verify by double-sourcing while paying attention to the context surrounding information one may get from sources. Holding off on publishing unverified news without official notification even if other news outlets are reporting it, such as in the case of a celebrity death, can also gain the news outlet long-term credibility.
There’s a fine balance, though – thanks to the digital age and how ordinary people can post about what they’re experiencing. it would be a disservice to readers to hold back on publishing events like a train breakdown or power outage.
Not all news is reported straight – those that have to have a point of view, such as reviewers, have to be upfront and declare as such to the consumer, while trying as much as possible to have fair reporting by keeping a China wall between sales and editorial, for instance.
Attendees were also urged to check out Firstdraftnews.com, a project of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, for tools and techniques for online verification.

**AAJA Asia is looking for our next N3con producer**



AAJA Asia will host the 8th annual N3 New.Now.Next Media Conference on May 25-27, 2018 at Hong Kong University.

We are looking to hire a dedicated Executive Conference Producer to help produce one of Asia’s signature media conferences, bringing together 300+ journalists and media professionals across the region. The ideal candidate is a self-starter, passionate, and has media experience. If this is you, we can’t wait to hear from you! We also invite experienced event planners to apply.

Applications and bids are being accepted until midnight, December 2, 2017.

The Executive Conference Producer will be expected to be engaged and participate in N3 planning leading up to th
conference in May. We have a great team of committed and passionate journalists and media professionals to work with you to put on this exciting conference.
The Executive Conference Producer will:

  • Work with AAJA-Asia board and N3 committees on strategic goals and objectives for the conference
  • Evaluate and negotiate contracts with conference venue and supplier
  • Work with board to develop and manage a cost-effective, sound conference budget
  • Oversee all events and logistics for the conference
  • Coordinate and work with Hong Kong University’s Journalism & Media Studies Centre on conference logistics
  • Cultivate, train and coordinate volunteers on conference execution and logistics
  • Design a marketing plan with goal of bringing in record attendees
  • Implement a dynamic social media campaign for conference, AAJA-Asia and sponsors
  • Serve as AAJA-Asia liaison to sponsors and partners
  • Contribute to AAJA Asia’s how-to manual for subsequent conferences on best practices

Apply by sending cover letter, resume and your salary bid proposal for the project to aajaasia@gmail.com by midnight December 2, 2017.

Please email any questions to aajaasia@gmail.com

**AAJA ASIA election results are out**

Dear members,
Thank you very much for your participation in the AAJA-Asia Election 2016-17. The results are in! Please join me in congratulating the following winners:
All terms start on 1 January, 2017 and last for 2 years. 
President: Angie Lau
Treasurer: Eunice Kim
Singapore VP: Chelsea Phua
Tokyo Co-VPs: Haruka Nuga & Hiromi Tanoue
At-large board members: Zela Chin & Eunji Kim
National board representative: Yuriko Nagano


All other officers will remain their terms until the end of 2017. 


we want YOU for AAJA-Asia Election 2016!

Dear members,



It’s election season again! Now is the time for you to step up and help lead our 200-strong chapter into an amazing 2017. We have these positions coming open, which will begin January 1, 2017 and last for a term of two years:


President, AAJA-Asia

The president, in conjunction with the rest of the board, sets direction for the chapter, chairs chapter board meetings and is the public face of the chapter.



The treasurer keeps the financial records of the chapter, submits financial reports required by the AAJA National Office and helps set direction for the chapter.


Vice President, Tokyo 

Vice President, Singapore

Regional vice presidents are the point persons for AAJA in their respective cities. They answer questions about AAJA and plan and coordinate local events and oversee membership recruitment in their city. They also work with the president and other officers to set overall direction for the chapter. One may be designated to assume the responsibilities of the president in his or her absence

National Board Representative

These two positions are the chapter’s representative platforms to the national advisory board, similar to U.S. senators to Congress. AAJA-Asia must be represented in person at the two advisory board meetings held every year in the United States. One of the meetings occurs at the national convention. The board representatives will keep the Asia chapter board apprised of national policies and procedures. S/he will write summary report of the national board meetings that will be provided to the Asia board. In light of AAJA-Asia’s new status as a large chapter, defined as having more than 100 full members, we have one additional seat to fill to represent us at National.

ONE At-large Board Member Position

Chapter board members help set direction for the chapter. They also may take charge of specific areas such as fundraising or membership and recruitment. They answer questions from members, work to increase membership and engage in membership outreach


Student Representative 

Student representatives help organize activities and promote the organization on campus. They answer questions from teachers and students, work to increase student membership and engage in membership outreach.


Key Dates to Run


December 9: Candidate Letters

Submit a letter of candidacy to this email by this date. All letters will be posted on the AAJA-Asia chapter website.

December 11-17: Election Week

All AAJA-Asia members will receive an electronic ballot to vote. All votes must be made before midnightThursday December 22. We will report the votes to AAJA National in San Francisco and winning candidates will be notified.

December 20: Announcement of winners

In addition to helping lead professional and social events in your cities and countries, all AAJA board members are required to call in to a monthly virtual board meeting to update chapter leaders on programming, future planning and simply to stay connected with a friendly hello across our vast distances.


Questions? E-mail Billy Wong, AAJA-Asia Election Chair at billywsk@connect.hku.hk or Carina Lee at carina.lee713@gmail.com


Good luck with your candidacies and we look forward to working with you to take AAJA-Asia forward and upward.

Results of AAJA Asia Seoul elections

Dear members.

The  Seoul sub-chapter first-ever elections were successfully held and the results are in! We are excited to announce the new leaders of Seoul for 2017.

Youkyung Lee, Programming Director for Large Events and Tea Talks

I will bring my experiences from the past two years helping the board and Seoul members successfully host the first two N3Con in Seoul. I look forward to another great year with AAJA-Asia.

Youkyung has been working as a business and technology reporter for the Associated Press in Seoul for more than four years. Before that she was a technology writer for Yonhap News Agency’s English news department.

Brolley Genster, Programming Director for Educational Programs and Workshops

The most beneficial part of being an AAJA-Asia member over the past three years for me has been the ability to learn skills from and experience new places with the members of the sub-chapter here in Seoul. One of our young sub-chapter’s assets is that it is comprised of members with such diverse backgrounds and experiences that we can all learn from. In running for the Programming Director for Education Programs and Workshops position for 2017, I am committing myself to leading programs that will benefit and grow the skill sets and opportunities of our members to help them professionally and ensure that their memberships are worth every penny. I will work with the chapter to identify the wants and needs and do my best to provide programming for everyone.

Brolley is currently the Culture Editor at the Korea JoongAng Daily. He has been in Seoul for four years, and has been an active member of AAJA-Asia for the past three. He is a big fan of going to live sporting events, Krispy Kreme donuts, pajeon when it rains, reading magazines, Kim Soo-hyun’s bowling career, the Bodega Boys, Biden-Obama memes and getting lost.

Mark Zastrow, Director for Social Events and Mixers

Ever since I moved back to Seoul last year and started coming to AAJA events, the Seoul subchapter has always been a wonderful, open, and supportive community for me. The social events have been a great way to make connections, meet interesting people, and most of all, relax with friends and a drink or four after rushing to meet some awful deadline. In the past 18 months, I’ve been to a lot of AAJA social events. I’ve always had a lot of fun, and I want to thank Eunji, Carina, and Taehoon for putting these on. I hope to keep the good times rolling with a steady calendar of mixers and social events where newcomers can feel as welcome as I did. Thanks for your consideration!

Mark Zastrow is a science journalist, and has been based in Seoul since 2015. He has written for Nature, New Scientist, NOVA Next, Retraction Watch, Sky & Telescope and other outlets. He received his bachelors degree in astrophysics from the University of Minnesota and masters degrees in astronomy and science journalism from Boston University. He is currently a full-time freelancer, a some-time photographer, a lapsed private pilot, and a devout Formula 1 fan.

Gavin Huang, At-Large Board Member I

I have been associated with AAJA ever since high school, when I participated in the organization’s J Camp program for minority high school students. After graduating, I officially became a paid member of the association and have been part of the New England and New York chapters while studying in college and working at internships. It was natural, then, that I would find myself with the Seoul subchapter when I moved here for work just over a year ago, and ever since, I’ve contributed what I can to the organization, whether it’s been helping with graphic design work for the N3 Conference or planning the trivia event for the annual holiday party. Given my wide range of skills in multimedia but also relatively short amount of time with the Seoul subchapter, I believe playing a supporting role as an at-large board member would be the best fit for me. I am interested in contributing my talent to help the subchapter grow by helping out with professional workshops and social events.

Gavin currently deputy business editor at the Korea JoongAng Daily, where in addition to editing, he also manages the paper’s social media pages and co-host a podcast on Korean news. His previous experience in journalism spans across mediums, as I have worked on documentaries, television newsrooms and magazines.

Elaine Ramirez, At-Large Board MemberII

Get ‘er done!

Elaine is an editor and writer based in Seoul, South Korea. She cofounded a web magazine in Chile and directed a print magazine in South Korea. She has written and edited for newspapers and magazines in New York, Santiago and Seoul.

Sunho Kwon, Student Relations Coordinator

During my college years, I have been participating in many international conferences/forums with other students from different parts of the world, for which, I think I have the right set of skills in terms of connecting with students and developing a fruitful relationship with them. And more than anything, I have a great passion to learn new things and how to properly address issues that I have never dealt with before. it’s a challenge and I see a great value in facing challenges.

Sunho is a senior at Chung-ang University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business administration but have a great interest in being a part of NPO/NGO’s operations and making contributions to their path to serving their purpose in our community. He is anticipated to graduate next summer.

Haeyoon Kim, Translation Coordinator

Since I am stationed in PyeongChang on weekdays, I may not be able to offer all of the interpretation services required but I will definitely find someone who is capable and available to help provide smooth communication during the AAJA events.

Currently hired as an interpreter/translator for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games organizing committee,
Haeyoon has  interpreted for several AAJA events including N3CON 2016.

Jihyoung Son, Job Search Coordinator

It has been such an honor to be AAJA member as a local college student since late 2014 and participate in major events of AAJA, some of which I gratefully took up duties at. The events and the people I met in Seoul sub-chapter have offered me a wide range of opportunities to leap forward. Now it is probably time to repay what I had received back to AAJA, by putting forward what I had been through as a student member for the last two years and coordinating with AAJA Seoul sub-chapter Board Members.

Jihyoung’s bio: 

Intern reporter at The Korea Herald (2016)
Contributing writer to N3Con Magazine (2016)
6th N3Con logistics committee co-chair (2016)
Freelance news assistant for Jean Lee, Geoffrey Cain, Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio (2015)
5th N3Con volunteer staff (2015)
The Asian Games News Service Reporter at The Korea Herald (2014)
Undergraduate student at Hankuk University of Foreign Students (2009~)

Ha-young Choi, Fundraising Coordinator

Based on my experiences in community activities, I will contribute to AAJA Asia Seoul to organize various events by fundraising.

Ha-young a journalist for The Korea Times. Working at the city desk, she tries to find unseen angles by casting light on social minorities and ordinary people’s voice.

Nayoung Kang, Social Media Team Director

I want to make the Seoul chapter even bigger and better by connecting people and getting them engaged through social media, events, and activities. My job is basically connecting people and telling stories, and I want to use these skills to bring Seoul’s journalists and media professionals together in a network that makes the city shine as a major media hub in Asia.

Nayoung is a Korean American from New Jersey who has been living and working in Seoul since 2010. She has worked in various industries and capacities, but all of my jobs have involved writing and editing. Currently she works at a PR agency, representing tech clients. Her idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is a bike ride along the Han River wrapped up with a picnic in Seoul Forest with friends.

Soee Kwon, Social Media Coordinator I

I would like to learn more about new media on journalism side. As I work closely with YouTube everyday, I get to realize how journalism is heavily rely on new media these days. Also, since I learned a lot about YouTube and its data past 2 and a half years, it will help me to perform good on social media coordinator position.

Hi! My name is Soee and I majored in Journalism from CalState Northridge in the States. I am currently working at ICONIX, the animation studio of Poror the Little Penguin and The Little Bus Tayo. I work at New business team and managing Pororo and Tayo’s YouTube Channels, do new media marketing and produce contents for YouTube and IPTV.  We do make over 2 hundreds-million views per month through YouTube and it’s very meaningful because we deliver contents for children around the world. I hope to continue to  pursue my career through new media.

Kianna Mckenzie, Social Media Coordinator II

Using my qualifications as both a past recruitment chair and leader of the Korea-America Student Conference I have been given the opportunity to learn more about the bilateral relations between both Korea and America. AAJA Asia Seoul goals are to make newsrooms more ethnically and racially diverse and ensuring fair and accurate coverage of the Asian community and I feel I can contribute to this because of the fact that I have the experience of being within the Asian community although while not being completely Asian. I can provide a different outlook and perspective making sure that the newsrooms have a more ethnically and racially diverse yet accurate image of the Asian community. The Asian community is something I hold dear to me and with all of the experiences and aspirations I have I hope to help AAJA Asia grow more.

Hello, my name is Kianna Mckenzie and I am currently a third year on exchange at Korea University. My major is Media and East Asian Language with a concentration in Korean. The past two summers I have dedicated my time to the Korea-America Student Conference having been both a delegate, a chair, and a roundtable leader. Certain qualifications acquired since I had the opportunity to create a conference, recruit both speakers and future delegates, and lead a roundtable has given me the ability to be a leader, an exceptional listener, to effectively create events, be interactive, and the having the ability to counsel others.

Simone Jeong, Photographer

Feel, Dream, Think, Act & Share, this world is what we make of it. Nothing more and nothing less. So let’s make it the best we can!

Simone is a freelancer who has written for the Dutch newspaper, Dutch travel magazines, University guides and she has been a professional reviewer for TBSefm in Seoul South Korea.

AAJA Asia’s Seoul VP Taehoon Lee will serve as the chair, AAJA Asia’s Secretary Carina Lee will serve as the treasurer, and AAJA Asia’s at-large board member Eunji Kim will serve as the secretary for the Seoul subchapter in 2017.


Congratulations to all the winners of the elections and newly appointed officers for the Seoul sub-Chapter!  Your term will also be one year starting Jan. 1 2017



**AAJA-Asia Tokyo: A Talk with Hyeonseo Lee**

Hyeonseo Lee, a North Korean defector and author of “The Girl with Seven Names,” spoke to AAJA-Asia Tokyo members at the Bloomberg Tokyo office on October 20th, 2016.
She has shared with AAJA members as well as Bloomberg journalists about her experiences escaping the regime to China then eventually to South Korea. She also talked about what’s ahead for her as she runs a NGO in New York to combat human trafficking of defectors.. We had the opportunity to hear from her back in 2015 when she was invited to N3con Award Dinner as the keynote speaker.
She has also hosted a TED talk in 2013 on her experience of escaping North Korea which you can watch here:
A big thank you to Lee for taking the time to fit us into her busy international travel schedule. 
Hyeonseo Lee, in middle holding tan coat, with AAJA-Asia members after talking to them at a members-only event in Tokyo.
Hyeonseo Lee, in middle holding tan coat, with AAJA-Asia members after talking to them at a members-only event in Tokyo.

A big thanks to Bloomberg News too for hosting the talk at its Tokyo office and providing a yummy bento box dinner too!


**Holiday party with AAJA-Asia Seoul!**

The AAJA-Asia Seoul subchapter is having its annual holiday party on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 6-9 p.m. at Bennett’s Bar in Itaewon.


FOOD: We’ll be indulging in a buffet lineup of traditional American fare, from ham and turkey to mashed potatoes. Did your family’s holiday table have lumpia or sashimi instead? When you RSVP by Nov. 25, you can send us your menu requests. Bennett’s is open to ideas. They will also offer a select discount cocktail menu until 9 p.m.

GAME TIME: When we’ve had our fill and the holiday drinks are flowing, we’ll kick off our second edition of Korean news trivia. It’s been a wild year of scandals, exploding electronics and political absurdities, so study up!

MUSIC: After trivia, the acoustic band 2Much, with AAJA’s own Peter Daley, will be playing all the cover tunes you could desire.

OUTREACH: We will be collecting warm clothes and other items for the local homeless, as well as old towels for animal shelters, to get them through the harsh winter. If you’d like to join the teams to deliver these gifts or have ideas to do even more, let us know.

YOUR VOTE: You have one more chance to make your vote count this year. You can still sign up for our Elective Posts and Non-Elective Posts until Nov. 16, and for the next two weeks we’ll put the board nominations to a vote. These are the people giving your membership the bang for the buck, so encourage the best candidates for the job to step forward! We’ll announce AAJA Seoul’s new leaders at the party.


RSVP: The price is 30,000 members/35,000 nonmembers* early bird until 11/25, and 40,000 at the door. To RSVP:
1. Send your payment to this account: Woori Bank 1002 039 230288 (이경은). In your transfer memo, put something unique like your name – NOT something generic like “AAJA” or “dinner.” (For payment issues, email carina.lee713@gmail.com.)
2. Fill in this RSVP form: http://tinyurl.com/AAJA-RSVP
3. Invite your friends to sign up by 11/25

*You can join now for 2017 and get the early bird discount. Sign up with AAJA here: http://www.aaja.org/join-aaja/

AAJA Asia Hong Kong 2nd annual Trivia Bowl 2016: What a Night! THANK YOU

Cheering, screaming, laughing, crying, and push-ups






…nothing out of the ordinary for journalists +friends on a Friday night in Hong Kong.

And it made for one memorable evening at AAJA Asia’s 2nd annual Trivia Bowl Fundraiser!!!

THANK YOU to our Silent Auction and Raffle sponsors:


THANK YOU to our host with the most, Teacher-by-day-Comedian-by-night funnyman Ryan Hynek.  Go see him at TakeOut ComedyHe is as funny as he is generous and talented.  That’s A LOT of funny in one man.

THANK YOU to our amazing AAJA Asia volunteers and student volunteers who made sure you were well taken care of throughout the evening!

But most important THANK YOU for coming out and supporting AAJA Asia Chapter and the work we do to support each other, young journalists and students in media in the APAC region.  YOU helped us raise $58,000 HKD last night!!!  This money will go towards student scholarships, J Camp for high school students, professional development, workshops and our 7th annual New.Now.Next Media conference back here in Hong Kong, May 2017!  An exciting year to come.


We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank YOU for making it one uproarious, hilarious, ego-boosting/crushing, brain-taxingly fun night.

See you next year!!  



*AAJA-Asia Awards ELP Stipend to Sean Lim*

The AAJA-Asia board is happy to announce member Sean Lim has been awarded a $1,200 tuition stipend to attend AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program at City University of New York (CUNY).

Sean is a freelance journalist in Seoul. He works at KBS, where he is an editor for the KBS World News TV division, on-air host for the KBS World Radio English division and editor for the KBS International Relations department. He has also served as AAJA-Asia Treasurer and Seoul VP.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.11.33 AM

“The Whistleblower” in Journalism – Seoul

Event details 
Saturday, Sept. 12
2-3 p.m. AAJA National Convention Debrief by Sean Lim
3-5 p.m. Screening of the movie “The Whistleblower” (2014) with English subtitles. Read about the movie and the stem cell scandal here and here.
5-6 p.m. Q&A with Choi Seung-ho, an investigative journalist formerly at MBC now with Newstapa.
About Mr. Choi: 
최승호 PD
Choi Seung-ho, one of the most prominent and respected investigative journalists in South Korea, was the face of PD Notebook documentary program until he was fired from Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. in 2012 amid a flurry of layoffs of MBC journalists. He is now an anchor and producer at Newstapa, an independent online news outlet run by The Korea Center for Investigative Journalism (KCIJ). With his works, Choi has often challenged South Korea’s most powerful groups and figures. His works revealed how South Korean prosecutors received sponsorship from businesses and who was behind multi-trillion won river project. In 2005, he led a team of investigative journalists at MBC to expose how Hwang Woo-suk’s stem cell research, then hailed as a scientific breakthrough, was fabricated and illegally used eggs from female lab workers. Choi and his team’s work was then met by a huge backlash from public who saw Hwang as a national hero.
Choi will join AAJA-Asia members in Seoul to talk about the stem cell scandal, challenges facing investigative journalists in South Korea, why he was fired from MBC and highlights of works from Newstapa. He will take questions from audiences.
You can follow Choi on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbc_pdchoi
Directions to D.Camp
551 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu
Saerom Building 2nd, 4-6th Floors
Seoul, South Korea
Way from Seonjeongneung Station (Bundang Line) :
From Exit #4, walk 3 minutes toward Seolleung Station
Way from Seolleung Station (Line 2, Bundang Line):
From Exit #7, walk 5 minutes toward Seonjeongneung Station
Bus Stop
23-275 | Intangible Cultural Properties Center, Senior Plaza
Bus Numbers
472, 3219, 4412, 6411, Gangnam07 (local bus)