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AAJA-Asia names Kinzie as Executive Conference Producer

New.Now.Next Media Conference May 19-21, 2017 in Hong Kong

The AAJA-Asia Board of Directors announced today the appointment of Kinzie as Executive Conference Producer for the 2017 New.Now.Next Media Conference in Hong Kong.

As Executive Conference Producer, Kinzie will serve the volunteer conference committee and AAJA-Asia Board of Directors, overseeing all aspects of the event from materials and logistics to sponsorship and promotions, ensuring deadlines are met on time and within budget.

“Kinzie combines a deep knowledge of media and event production capabilities with strong working relationships across Asia. We are counting on her volunteer leadership experience, local connections and market knowledge to help us continue to provide a platform for journalists and media professionals in the APAC region to share in best practices, learn and address pressing issues of the day.” AAJA-Asia Chapter President and Bloomberg Television Anchor Angie Lau.

The 7th annual conference will be held from May 19-21, 2017 in Hong Kong. In addition to keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, the weekend event provides professional development for members with one-on-one critique sessions and leadership programming and a host of social events.

“I am honored that the AAJA-Asia Board of Directors invited me to produce their flagship industry event at this remarkable moment in the history of media. I am also thrilled to work with the AAJA-Asia members and will rely on their expertise and passion for responsible journalism.” Kinzie

After years with agencies and in-house corporate communications, Kinzie set up a private consultancy in 2000. She was instrumental in designing and managing business development programs for senior executives at the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) and was responsible for establishing Asia’s first regional television broadcasting recruitment division now owned by TMP Hudson. In 2001, she founded HK heartbeat to support local volunteer organizations and small businesses with resources for authentic communications and community development.

The New.Now.Next Media Conference is one of many events, workshops, organized discussions and networking events held around Asia throughout the year. Founded in 1996, AAJA-Asia has 250+ members across the region working for a range of media, including The Associated Press, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters, Al Jazeera, CNN, TVB, ABC, VOA and Arirang TV. AAJA-Asia is a non-profit, professional group that provides networking opportunities, education and training to its members in Asia and the Pacific and serves as a bridge for AAJA members who have an interest in Asia or are travelling to the region.

More information is available at

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Dear AAJA-Asia member,

Do you want to give your career a boost? Are you ready to be a leader in your news organization? AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program has been transformative for those of us who went through the training. AAJA-Asia’s board recognizes the value of ELP, and we are offering one $1200 stipend to cover the cost of tuition.

The national office is also extending the deadline for ELP applications. AAJA-Asia is now accepting applications for the stipend — DEADLINE: Thursday, March 10 at midnight, Hong Kong time. More info about ELP here:

STIPEND application is attached. Please send STIPEND application and any questions by March 10, midnight Hong Kong time. You will also need to separately apply for ELP.

The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is for any professional journalist who is interested in moving ahead in the workplace and developing the necessary skills to achieve goals small and large.

ELP has designed a program that is challenging, practical and life changing and is recommended for anyone with four or more years of experience in a media organization. The program explores the responsibilities and challenges of the media workplace and examines how cultural values come into play in newsroom dynamics.

Led by professional career coaches and executives, participants will explore a variety of topics in a small, nurturing environment, including:

  • Defining success
  • Solving unstructured problems
  • Leading across cultures
  • Understanding your biases in decision-making
  • Executive speaking
  • Dealing with pressure and politics
  • Work-Life balance
  • Negotiating promotions and raises
  • Managing or Communicating with your boss, your direct reports and your peers
  • Human Centered Design and product development process


Applicants must have a minimum of four years of professional journalism experience. Participants must also establish that they have the potential to further their leadership abilities. The program is open to all qualifying journalists.


The 2016 ELP Session will be held at the City University of New York (CUNY) in New York City from March 30 – April 3, 2016. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from CUNY, as well as for their hotel accommodations.


Tuition for ELP is $1,500 and includes the costs of instructional materials, breakfast, lunch, and some evening group dinners.


You must be a professional journalist to apply for the program.

Click here for the application and fill it out completely. Deadline: Thursday, March 10,  2016

Attach the following documents to the form:
• A résumé or link to your LinkedIn profile
• A professional, color, high-resolution photo
• A letter of recommendation from a supervisor (OPTIONAL)
• A short 40-word biography
• A 250-word statement explaining what you hope to learn from this program and how it will help your career


AAJA-Asia Chapter Board

Letter of Candidacy – National Board Representative (Oanh Ha)

AAJA is my family. There’s no other way to describe my relationship with this unique community that first welcomed me as a high school scholarship recipient. While at the national convention this summer, I ran into an AAJA friend who still remembered giving me that scholarship when I was a teenager.

There are many journalism and media organizations, but very few in which there’s a community of colleagues, friends and mentors who support you throughout your career. After almost 20 years as a professional journalist, I’m grateful and proud to still be part of the AAJA family. And I want to continue helping to welcome others into the AAJA community and support fellow journalists..

As a national board representative the past two years, I’ve been an advocate and voice for the AAJA-Asia chapter. I’ve also worked with our chapter leaders to organize annual N3 conventions, as well as contributed to other chapter events. As a continuing national board representative, I’d like to work with our great team of leaders across the region to develop more programming that serves members at every stage of their careers and expand our AAJA family.

K.Oanh Ha, Vietnam- candidate for National Board Representative


Letter of Candidacy – National Board Representative (Blessing Waung)

Dear AAJA-Asia,

I first was involved with AAJA as a high school student, aspiring to become a journalist and admiring those established in their journalism careers. It has been such a special experience to be a part of our chapter here in Asia, to meet incredible friends and mentors, and to be a part of others’ journeys in their journalism careers. As one of the two National Board Representatives for the past year, I have seen just how wonderful and unique our chapter is, and I want to continue to be a part of the leadership that continues to represents our members’ interests, as well as to help any future members.

As one of the National Board Representatives, I would like to continue working together with the rest of the AAJA-Asia chapter as we continue to evolve and transform what it means to be a part of AAJA in this region of the world. We are on the cusp of a new phase, and I would like to continue to be a part of the planning for the years to come.

Currently, I am working with a core team to establish our first ever Trivia Bowl in Asia, as well as projects aligned with National’s goals of educating the next generation of journalists through programming such as J Camp.

Some other goals include: working towards more involvement from members in all of our cities, so we can soon become the largest AAJA chapter globally; as well as continued fundraising for scholarships to aid students interested in going abroad to learn the trade.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working together with all of you!

Blessing Waung, Hong Kong – candidate for National Board Representative

Letter of Candidacy – VP of Seoul (Tae-hoon Lee)

Many journalists in South Korea, including myself, have long been forced to work as the government’s mouthpiece and now increasingly for family-run chaebols. It is no secret that local journalists have no choice but to write state-funded or chaebol-backed advertorials without any mention of them being paid content if they want to keep their job as media companies’ dependence on paid articles continues to grow.

I’d like to make or at least to try to create an environment where journalists who pluck up the courage and play the role of a watchdog get the praise that they deserve, instead of being demoted or fired.

I’d also like to make efforts to encourage AAJA members and other journalists to serve as the voice for the voiceless and throw parties to recognize their good work and also have fun.

Are we so helpless in bringing about change? I don’t think so. Together we can rightfully point out unethical practices in the Korean media industry. In South Korea, freelance journalists and foreign correspondents are often restricted from accessing information readily available to local reporters. This is wrong, but we will continue to be denied of information unless we demand for change.

If elected, I will run hands-on courses in new media and journalism skills by inviting fellow AAJA members and leading experts. I will make the N3Con in Seoul as an event which where AAJA members will tell the world that ethical journalism can take root in South Korea.

I’d also like to run workshops where we not only raise awareness about important issues, including defamation lawsuits against journalists and unfair dismissal of journalists, but also horn our journalistic skills.

Tae-hoon Lee, Seoul – candidate for VP of Seoul

Candidate Letter: Youkyung Lee for board member

Post: At-large board member B (term until December 2015)

Candidate: Youkyung Lee

Youkyung’s letter of candidacy:

Dear AAJA members,

2015 marks only the second year for me as an AAJA member but during this short time, I’ve met so many inspiring journalists who have helped expand the scope of my experiences. I decided to run as at-large board member to return what I have received and because I wanted to be more actively involved in AAJA.

My top priority as a board member for the first half of year to help successfully organize the annual n3con event, which will be held in Seoul for the first time. The 2013 conference in Hong Kong gave me so many opportunities to better deal with the challenges I have encountered as a journalist and hear fresh views on what is going on in other parts of Asia. I’m very excited that the conference this year will be in Seoul, and I’ve already submitted some programming and organizational ideas for the conference to the Seoul vice president.

Another goal is to help expand membership in Seoul and plan timely, relevant local events with other members. In my career as a journalist, I’ve spent equal amounts of time at both a Korean news company and an American company. I joined the Associated Press in Seoul as a technology and business writer in 2012 after 3.5 years at Yonhap News Agency as a staff writer. These experiences, along with the people I’ve met in the South Korean government, businesses, startups and other corners of the Korean society, will be one asset that I can bring to the board. It will contribute to finding ways for AAJA members to better engage with people in other, perhaps less accessible, parts of Korea. One example: in 2013, I helped match AAJA members with North Korean defectors who were struggling with college English courses for tutoring and lasting friendships. It was a moving experience for myself as well—I’m still in regular contact with my student,helping her with coursework and career advice advice. Projects like these could be beneficial to both the AAJA community and Korean society.

I would like to start by contributing to the AAJA Seoul chapter but in later months, when I become more comfortable with the way that the AAJA works, I would like to reach out to other chapters in other Asian countries.

Thank you for your time!



Candidate Letter: Blessing Waung for national representative

Post: National Board Representative

Candidate: Blessing Waung


Blessing’s letter of candidacy:

Dear members,

When I first heard of AAJA, I was a mere high school student, aspiring to become a journalist and researching all the amazing conferences, events and people who were a part of this organization. Ten years later, I’m so proud to say that I am a part of it, particularly while living in Asia!

Since moving to Hong Kong from Shanghai, I have had the opportunity to make wonderful friends and mentors through the AAJA family. I believe that our chapter is successful because of the quality of the programming as well as the intimacy and camaraderie felt by all those who are a part of this organization in this uniquely special place.

My goal would be to work together with the rest of the Asia chapter board members to continue to provide benchmark events such as the New.Now.Next conference and our intimate Table for 12 dinners. I hope to leverage our network to help members find jobs which will enable them to stay here, as well as provide more internship information to those around the world who are hoping to come. We also have an incredible social media network in Asia, and I’d like to work on strategic initiatives to grow this together. It’s also my personal goal to see more growth and involvement from members in Mainland China, and I travel there constantly enough to work towards that end.

Hope to meet all of you in the future, and thank you for your consideration!

Have a great week!



Candidate Letter: Jeremiah Foo for board member

Post: At-large board member A (term until December 2016)

Candidate: Jeremiah Foo


Letter of Candidacy:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to tender this letter of candidacy for consideration to fill the position of At-large board member of AAJA-Asia.

My journalistic career began in Malaysia, as a feature writer for Star Publications for almost seven years covering entertainment, business, politics, technology and new media. In 1999 I decided to return to Singapore where I was educated to pursue my career in Music and Filmmaking, where I produced a documentary “Church of the Redemptorists in Asia Oceana” that won the Best of Show at the Vatican Film Fest, my other documentary production credits include technical supervisor for “Glass Enclosure: Japan Invisible” directed by award-winning Naguib Razak.

I am also the founder of MyBloggerCon Awards, Asia’s longest-running Chinese Language Blog Award. And I have also co-counded BlogFest Asia, where we bring bloggers from all over Asia to bounce ideas off each other.

Currently, I am the program director of the Convergent Media Program at Shantou University where I helped started with the blessings of Prof. Ying Chan. We have organised and produced reporting trips to US, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam for students, to name a few. Also, I am the publisher of PlanetPhoto, a travel and photography tablet-magazine.

I believe I can contribute positively to AAJA-Asia if elected (or not even), your consideration to elect me to serve will be most honoured.

Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Jeremiah Foo

Candidate Letter: Angie Lau and Yuriko Nagano for co-presidents

AAJA-Asia Chapter Elections 2015-16: Candidate Letters

  1. Post: Chapter President

Candidates: Angie Lau and Yuriko Nagano (Co-presidency)


Angie Lau:

I am incredibly humbled to step forward to ask for your support as co-president of AAJA Asia Chapter, which I hope to share with Yuriko Nagano.

As many of you know, I’ve been a stalwart supporter of AAJA since joining more than a decade ago.  From serving as co-director of J Camp, one of AAJA’s national programs, to going through ELP, I credit AAJA for growing my career, seeding my path, and providing the support and guidance that finds me in Hong Kong today.

My day job as anchor for Bloomberg News‘ flagship morning news program is demanding. With two of us sharing the AAJA-Asia Chapter President role as Co-Presidents, Yuri and I will be able to shoulder the even more demanding expectations of our AAJA-Asia members better.

I hope to provide the kind of guidance, mentoring, professional development, fundraising events, socials, which have been a marker of excellence for chapters across the AAJA family here in Hong Kong, while Yuri will lead from her post in Tokyo.


Yuriko Nagano:

As Asia chapter board member since 2010, I’ve worked with our president and team of tireless board members to help grow our Asia chapter to the fantastic group it is today.  With Angie, I hope to work to carry on this momentum.

From co-organizing and co-hosting our chapter’s first ever six-city online event AAJA-Asia Uplink, to helping in building strong ties for sponsorship with Sanrio and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, I’ve done my share of behind the scenes work to help make our events in the past years a success.

As senior staff reporter for Mergermarket, I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside a passionate guardian of journalism, Angie Lau.


And so, together we are confident that by having our groups in Hong Kong and Tokyo collaborate with our leaders and members in Seoul, Hanoi, Singapore, Beijing, Manila, Nepal, India and beyond, we will move forward to continue to grow the AAJA-Asia Chapter into a formidable advocacy group for journalism and diversity in the Asia-Pacific region!


Together in AAJA spirit!

Angie Lau & Yuriko Nagano

2014 Chapter Elections: Hailey Ren statement for Student Representative

Hailey Ren, mainland China

Student Representative (Shantou University)


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write the first candidate letter in English. My name is Hailey Ren, a junior student in Shantou University and AAJA student member. My major is International Journalism and I plan to study media further.

The experiences of the 2014 N3 Con in Hong Kong and being Prof. Ching-Ching Ni’s teaching assistant have inspired me a lot to apply for this job. If I am elected, I will do my best to be the student representative. First of all, I will strengthen the communication among the current 36 student members in AAJA-Asia. Next, help to recruit more student members, especially in other Asian regions. Thirdly, help to organize the meetings and activities. I will call for the current student members maybe the new ones to hold our first student section.

In 2014 N3 Con, I have learnt how powerful and sweet AAJA could be and how hard to hold a conference like that. As a student in China, I value AAJA-Asia more. Asian Journalism students need to stand up and be heard louder. I wish that would improve with our efforts.